Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake Black Nitride

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  • Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake Black Nitride
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Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake: Superior Recoil Reduction & Performance

Experience the ultimate in recoil reduction with the Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake, a premium accessory designed to enhance your shooting experience. This high-quality muzzle brake is compatible with various systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup. Are you searching for a muzzle brake that offers Plan B compatibility? Look no further! The Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake is designed to work seamlessly with Plan B type mounts, providing you with a versatile and adaptable solution for your firearm setup. Its compatibility with Plan B systems ensures that you can easily integrate this high-performance accessory with your existing gear, resulting in a superior shooting experience.

Key Features

  • Material: Constructed from 17-4 PH H900 stainless steel for maximum durability and performance
  • Compatibility: Atlas and Atlas XL compatible, as well as Plan B compatible
  • Atlas Adapters: Overrun of approximately 1.600" for Atlas Adapter and 0.750" for Atlas XL Adapter
  • Finish: Black nitride finish with 67 HRC surface hardness for added durability and a sleek appearance
  • Shims: Included for easy installation and timing


Thread Pitch



Length Added

.280 1/2-28 2.65 oz 2.3″ 1.675″
.375 1/2-28 2.56 oz 2.3″ 1.675″
.375 5/8-24 2.15 oz 2.3″ 1.675″
.375 14×1 LH 2.63 oz 2.3″ 1.775″

Installation and Usage Tips

  1. Always use an alignment rod to ensure proper system setup
  2. Clean all surfaces thoroughly before installation
  3. Torque the muzzle device to approximately 30 ft lbs and ensure it is square against the shoulder
  4. When attaching the silencer, clean threads and tapers, then torque to 10 ft lbs
  5. Double-check alignment and enjoy your upgraded firearm!

Important: The nitride finish provides a tighter seal, making it crucial to properly torque and Rockset your muzzle device to the barrel. Please be aware that using this muzzle brake on a Q can voids your warranty.

Upgrade your firearm with the Rearden DPB Double Port Muzzle Brake for enhanced recoil reduction and performance. Order now and elevate your shooting experience!

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