In House Fingerprinting

Introducing Eform 4 and fingerprint submissions in house! 

Come in to the shop and within 20 minutes you can purchase a suppressor, do your prints, and file an eform form 4 all without having to report back or certify. 

Silencer is purchased, tax stamps are paid for, fingerprints are taken and submitted electronically, and eform form 4 is submitted all while you're here. No certifying, no purchasing tax stamps from other entities and dealing with a third party, and all your information stays with us for future purchases. 

One stop shop, in and out in under a half hour. 

Don't worry, if you still want to use silencershop, we still offer that route and have that capability. We feel as if giving our customers more options helps them choose their own way of submission. 

Form 1 submissions? Absolutely! We can help you submit a form 1 and use your electronic fingerprints also. 

We're excited to offer this new product and look forward to seeing you!