Local FFL Transfers

We're in the business of putting firearms into our customers hands - and we understand not every firearm will be purchased here at Bauer Precision. While it sucks that we couldn't help you get the product directly - we would love to help you get it in your hands. We will gladly facilitate an firearms transfer to you locally during normal business hours. Our fee is $25 per firearm. Please fill out the form below and we will email our FFL to the dealer you purchased from.

Folks - it's IMPORTANT you fill this form out completely. If we don't get all the information, it's GOING to DELAY the process. Nobody wants that. Help us, help you, and let's get that firearm or silencer in your hand ASAP!

Please include your name, phone number and email address so we may contact you when your item is available for pickup.  Please include the dealer/company you purchased from, your order number from them and their email address in the comments section so we can send our license to them.  

Please give us a day or so after tracking shows as delivered before showing up to transfer your firearms. We have ATF requirements to meet regarding documentation and tracking that must be done before we can transfer them to you. Most pickups/transfers can be made the same day AFTER we contact you, or they are available the next business day. We appreciate your patience - we want to get your guns to you as fast as possible!   

For Class 3 / Title II firearms, our fee is $125 plus $25 for processing via the Silencer Shop Kiosk.  All Class 3 items are processed via the Kiosk as it is the most efficient and quickest way to receive approvals on your Form 4.   

Please keep in mind that this process follows all normal firearms purchase requirements, so be ready to fill out a form 4473 at the store, and submit to a NICS check. If you have a Texas License To Carry, we get to skip the NICS check. 


Please give us at least 24 hours or one full business day before coming to pick up your items!

** Any firearm that has not been picked up within 365 days without prior agreement will be forfeited to the shop. **

** This form is not for firearms or NFA items purchased on our Website and being shipped elsewhere. This is for having firearms shipped to us! **