Local FFL and NFA Transfers

We're in the business of putting firearms into our customers hands - and we understand not every firearm will be purchased here at Bauer Precision. While it sucks that we couldn't help you get the product directly - we would love to help you get it in your hands. We will gladly facilitate a firearms transfer to you locally during normal business hours.

Services and Fees 

  • Our fee is $25 per firearm. 
  • For Class 3 / Title II firearms, our fee is $150.

Please give us at least 24 hours or one full business day before coming to pick up your items!

Expedited Transfer Service

We offer an expedited transfer service for those individuals who wish to pick up their firearms the same day. This is a premium service so the fess are a little different: 

  • $50 per firearm. We request one hour notice to ensure a minimal wait, walk-ins are accepted but a short wait may occur depending on how busy the shop is. 
  • We do not offer an NFA expedite service. 

How To Use Us for Transfers

  • Please use this form to notify us about the transfer along with the shipping dealer.
    • Please include your name, phone number and email address and order number from your dealer.
    • Please include your dealers email address in the comment section. If we do not have their email address we cannot send our FFL to them. 
  • Have your dealer request our FFL/SOT for transfer. You may request it if you provide their receiving email. 
  • Once the package is shipped, you and your dealer are responsible for tracking it. Lost packages are not our responsibility. 
  • Upon delivery, please give us at least 24 hours to process it before coming to pick it up. 
    • If you wish to utilize the Expedited Transfer Service, please be aware of the increased fee. If you arrive the same day, you will pay the service fee regardless of whether you requested it or not. 
  • You MUST have a valid, current form of identified in order to pick up firearms. While the State of Texas has given people extensions on Driver's License expirations, the ATF has not. Without a valid Drivers License or License to Carry, we cannot transfer. This is not our policy, but a requirement of the ATF. 


Please keep in mind that this process follows all normal firearms purchase requirements, so be ready to fill out a form 4473 at the store, and submit to a NICS check. If you have a valid Texas License To Carry, please bring it, as we can avoid the NICS check.  

Please give us at least 24 hours or one full business day before coming to pick up your items!

** Any firearm that has not been picked up within 365 days without prior agreement will be forfeited to the shop. **