BRUSHBEATER The Guerrilla's Guide to the Baofeng Radio - Field Version

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The Guerrilla's Guide to the Baofeng Radio - Field Version

“The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio is a handbook for those finding themselves in an austere environment, an underground resistance, or going into harm’s way with one of the most common pieces of communications equipment in the world. Going far beyond simple programming or what’s written from the Amateur Radio perspective, this manual goes in-depth on how to communicate, creating a communications plan, improvised wire antennas, digital operations and encryption in an easy to follow, step-by-step format based on combat proven methods. Whether you’ve just invested in a few of the inexpensive radios for an uncertain future or find yourself in rough corners of the world, this manual covers how to create communications where there otherwise would be none” (NC Scout)

Spiral bound and easy to carry, this book is packed with information on how to utilize your Baofeng radio. Direct from NC Scout, these are the real deal and a must read for civilian comms.

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