Allen Engineering - AEM5 5.56 Suppressor

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  • Allen Engineering AEM5 22Cal
  • Allen Engineering - AEM5 5.56 Suppressor (AEM5)
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AEM5 5.56 Suppressor - OPS INC Mounted Suppressor - Direct Fit for the MK12 SPR

The Allen Engineering AEM5 is the direct fit replacement for your MK12 SPR. The AEM5 attaches to the weapon via a mount (not included) and a collar that goes over the barrel for alignment. The suppressor mounts via threads on the outside of the mount centering on the adapter fitting. A 20 degree taper on the adapter locks the silencer onto the barrel and seals gasses inside the suppressor along with preventing the suppressor from coming loose under use.

While the AEM5 is quite long at 8.8″, it only adds 4.5″ past the end of the muzzle device.

As of October of 2022, The AEM5 has been made here in house by Trajectory Arms under license and close guidance from Allen Engineering. The AEM5 remains UNCHANGED from its original design in order to carry on the legacy of the Ops Inc 12th Model/Allen Engineering AEM5.

- Caliber: 5.56mm

- Length: 8.8″

- Weight: 21oz

When mounting your AEM5, it should turn onto the mount between 7-10 turns. As with all suppressors, we strongly suggest checking alignment of your suppressor with an alignment rod before use, regardless of which mount you choose to use.

Due to the nature of the over-the-barrel design, the AEM5 needs a minimum of 2.5″ from the end of the barrel to the start of the taper collar. Generally, you will need a minimum of a 12.5″ Carbine gas or 14.5″ Mid gas barrel in order to have enough room for the suppressor to mount up.

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