Torrent Suppressors MIT 30 L - 9"

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  • Torrent Suppressors MIT 30 L - 9"
  • Torrent Suppressors MIT 30 L - 9"
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The New MADE IN TEXAS (MIT) 30 series suppressors use high quality materials to insure Industry leading sound suppression, light weight, affordability and compatibility, with a lifetime warranty. The New MIT 30 series has been independently tested by a 3rd party source to provide data from an objective source. The New MIT 30 series
comes in 3 lengths short, mid-length and long to give the end user the optimal sound suppressor for any
application. The 30 series is also compatible with several mounting systems including our own Hideout
Hybrid Muzzle Break, SOLGW NOX, Deadair Keymo, SilencerCo ASR, Q Plan B, etc.

SWR30 Rifle Suppressor TECHNICAL SPECS
Caliber Up to .300 Win Mag/ Interchangeable Muzzle Nut (Includes .30, 6.5 and 5.56 Sold Separately.)
Weight MIT30K 11.3oz / MIT30M 14oz / MIT30L 16.5oz
Length MIT30K 6.45” / MIT30M 8” / MIT30L 9.54”
Diameter 1.612”
Material Fusion Welded 6Al 4V Grade 5 Titanium

***The 30 series introduces an innovative Interchangeable Muzzle Nut (6.5, 5.56)(caliber nut).
This will allow you to optimize the suppressor, based on the caliber you are shooting. It allows the
end user the ability to repair their own suppressor, in the event of an end cap strike, by removing the

caliber nut with a 3/8 wrench. (30 Cal Muzzle Included, 6.5, 5.56 sold separately) ***

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