ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX 35 - Black

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ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX35 - 24cal to 30 Cal

Versatile Compact Titanium Suppressor for: handguns to 9mm/.357, the ultimate minimalist hunting ‘can’ for rifles up to .338 Lapua, and phenomenally low-backpressure for full-auto 5.56/.223.

Its Flow-thru design almost eliminates backpressure change, so you don’t get gas in your face when shooting full-auto and extreme rapid-fire on 5.56/.223. The AnechoX 35 is also the ultimate minimalist hunting ‘can’ for hunting rifles up to .338 Lapua! But, for maximum sound, recoil, and muzzle flash performance, please look at the full-length AnechoX models: AnechoX 223L for bullets to 22 cal, or AnechoX 30L for bullet diameters to 30 cal/7.62mm.

All AnechoX suppressors are made of Titanium grade 5 STA 1000 (basically the highest alloy Titanium in its strongest heat-treat condition) with Stainless 17-4 H900 (ditto for stainless) blast chambers and blast baffles to handle the extreme erosion, uncorking pressure, and temperature right at your gun’s muzzle.


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