ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX 30L - .30cal Suppressor - Black

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  • ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX 30L - .30cal Suppressor - Black
  • ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX 30L - .30cal Suppressor - Black
  • ANECHOIC Suppressors - AnechoX 30L - .30cal Suppressor - Black
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AnechoX 30L

Multi-Caliber Titanium Suppressor for all firearms up to 30 caliber, even 300 Ultra and 30-378 Wby Mag. Excellent on smaller calibers like 223/5.56mm. Best choice for subsonic to magnum rifles in 6mm, 25 cal, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30 cal.

Graphite Black Cerakote

Shoot AR-10s and big 30 cal magnums with no hearing protection and have the quietest rifle on the range. Easily carry your hunting rifles all day and leave your hearing protection at home. Ridiculously low recoil, even on ultra-light 300 magnums. Outperforms every can on the market in weight, sound, recoil, and serviceability.

All AnechoX suppressors are made of Titanium grade 5 STA 1000 (basically the highest alloy Titanium in its strongest heat-treat condition) with Stainless 17-4 H900 (ditto for stainless) blast chambers and blast baffles to handle the extreme erosion, uncorking pressure, and temperature right at your gun’s muzzle.

All AnechoX suppressors use the unique X-Baffle Anechoic™️ Chamber System with an interrupted central tube and are finished with Cerakote C Series high-temperature thin film ceramic.

The AnechoX 30L comes with a 5/8″X24 Direct Thread Adapter installed but accepts any of the AnechoX Titan Direct Thread Adapters or any industry standard 1-3/8″X24 mount, including Bravo, Hub, Pistons, Boosters, Nielsen Devices, QDs, Tri-lugs, and many more.

AnechoX 30L is full-auto rated to 50 rounds 5.56/.223, 15 rounds 7.62/.308. Rapid-fire rated to 20 rounds 7.62/.308, and 8 rounds of 300 Win Mag. Rifles are rated with standard rifle barrel lengths, and round count must be reduced for shorter barrels or more powerful cartridges. Do not exceed 800° F.

Maximum bullet diameter for the AnechoX 30L is .313″.



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