Thunder Beast Ultra 5 Gen2 6.5 Cal - CB

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Affectionately called the “Baby Beast” by some users!

The second-generation ULTRA 5 (“Gen2”) superseded the original model on November 10th, 2020. The ULTRA 5 Gen2 is quieter and lighter than the original version. The official model (“ULTRA 5″) does not change. Gen2 Ultra 5s can be identified by serial numbers that are higher than C40000 or by the visual changes.

The ULTRA 5 is our super compact 6.5 caliber precision rifle suppressor. It is best for applications where minimum size is the highest priority but good suppression is still required.

The .30 cal ULTRA 5 Gen2 meters at 145 dB (milspec left/right) and 133 dB at shooter’s-ear, shooting full-power (hot) M118LR ammunition from a 20″ AI AX. Compared to the original, the Gen2 is about 4 dB quieter at the muzzle and 3 dB quieter at the shooter’s ear.

The 6.5 mm cal ULTRA 5 Gen2 meters at 142 dB (milspec left/right) and 130 dB at shooter’s-ear, shooting Hornady 140 gr ammunition from a 24” AI AX.. Compared to the original, the Gen2 is about 1 dB quieter at the muzzle and 1 dB quieter at the shooter’s ear.

The ULTRA 5 Gen2 weighs 6.0 ounces (1.6 ounces lighter than the Gen1).

The ULTRA Gen2 series represents a revolutionary improvement in titanium precision rifle suppressors. We took everything we’ve learned over the last decade building the best precision rifle suppressors in the world and put it into the ULTRA design. The ULTRA series offers unprecedented light weight and class-leading suppression levels.

Compared to the original ULTRA series, the ULTRA Gen2 is on average 2 dB quieter and about 20% lighter. Strength and caliber ratings are the same.

The ULTRA series includes three suppressors: 9-inch, 7-inch, and 5-inch versions are available. They are available in either our Compact Brake (CB) Mount (a “thread over muzzle brake” type mount) or in a direct thread mount.

The CB mount and direct thread mount have equivalent accuracy and repeatability.

With the CB mount, the suppressor mates to a conical shoulder on the brake and locks up rock solid and extremely tight. In direct thread configuration, the ULTRA suppressors use a heat-treated 17-4 thread insert and initial blast shield. The ULTRA series suppressors also have the flexibility to be changed from direct thread to CB mount and vice versa via a simple factory service operation, in case your needs change. This is accomplished by removing or replacing the default brake from the direct thread version.

Like the original, the Gen2 ULTRA is all-titanium and is fully welded. The Gen2 is now a “tubeless” design, with the baffles joined directly with no separate tube. This material and construction provide a great strength to weight ratio. It can take whatever your precision rifle can dish out.

The ULTRA Gen2 baffle stack was completely redesigned, but retains the principles that made the original ULTRA (and 30P-1 stack before that) such a great precision and long-range suppressor. Thunder Beast Arms Corp suppressors have racked up impressive results at long-range field shooting events nationwide, and have been the most popular suppressor used in the Precision Rifle Series (top 50 competitors) for many years running.

Many long-range shooters prefer shooting suppressed because the muzzle blast and concussion is eliminated, while the recoil impulse is reduced and smoothed out over time. The net result is that the rifle is easier to shoot and it’s easier to make hits. Communication with your spotter is easier because the need for hearing protection is reduced.


  • Direct thread attachment option
  • CB series muzzle brake and flash hider attachment option
  • Ionbond DLC coating on CB muzzle devices
  • Conical shoulder surface on CB mount
  • 100% titanium construction
  • “Tubeless” construction
  • 360-degree fully-welded baffle stack
  • Magnum rated
  • Rock-Solid POI Repeatability


The Ultras were designed to be the “ultimate” lightweight precision rifle suppressor. This means we used materials to meet those goals. Titanium, even Grade 5, is ultimately limited by temperature. The Ultras are very strong but excursions above 800 degrees are not good for the material. If you take it far enough above 1000 degrees, it will get too weak to sustain the blast and you would eventually get a failure. We recommend keeping the Ultra series less than 800 degrees.

Full auto by itself does not really increase the pressure or stress on the can, it’s the heat energy input in combination. Full auto or bursts would be fine on an Ultra as long as the material temperature does not exceed that 800 degree safety mark. In our testing, one magazine fired rapid (mag-dump) from from an AR-10 or AR-15 does not exceed 800 degrees. Keep in mind this is firing at a full-auto-like rate. At that point you’d just have to let it cool. The second magazine may or may not cause it to exceed it depending on ambient conditions, loads, barrel length, etc. A shorter barrel will cause more heat input into the suppressor and its temperature will rise faster.


  • MOUNTS: CB series brake/flash hider, Direct thread
  • MATERIAL: Titanium
  • LENGTH: 5"
  • DIAMETER: 1.5"
  • WEIGHT: 6.0 oz. (CB mount), 7.8 oz. (direct thread)
  • THREADS: 1/2-28, 5/8-24, 9/16-24, 3/4-24, 3/4-28, M18x1.0, M18x1.5
  • FINISH: Black CeraKote
  • BRAKE MATERIAL: Heat-treated 17-4 stainless
  • USE: Precision/Long-range rifle, Bolt, Semi-auto
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