Sons of Liberty Gun Works A5 Buffer Kit - A5H2 & GREEN SPRING

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Sons of Liberty Gun Works A5 Buffer Kit

Upgrade your AR-15 with the Sons of Liberty Gun Works A5 Buffer Kit, designed to enhance your rifle's performance and durability. This high-quality kit includes a Loyal 9 Position A5 Tube, Sprinco Green Spring, A5H2 Buffer, FCD Castle Nut, and QD End Plate.

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile buffer system for your AR-15, you might want to consider the A5 length buffer tube kit. The A5 system is a proprietary design by Vltor that combines the benefits of both carbine and rifle buffer systems. It uses an intermediate length buffer tube that is 3/4 of an inch longer than a standard carbine tube, and a rifle action spring instead of a carbine spring1. The A5 system also comes with a specially designed buffer that has five different weights to choose from, depending on your preference and configuration

Key Features:

  • Loyal 9 Position A5 Tube: Provides a secure and adjustable platform for your AR-15 stock, ensuring a perfect fit for every shooter.
  • Sprinco Green Spring: Known for its exceptional durability and reliability, this spring ensures consistent cycling and smooth recoil management.
  • A5H2 Buffer: Designed to reduce felt recoil and improve overall weapon control, the A5H2 buffer offers an excellent balance of performance and weight.
  • FCD Castle Nut & QD End Plate: These components are built to last, ensuring a secure and stable connection between your buffer tube and lower receiver.

Why Choose the Sons of Liberty Gun Works A5 Buffer Kit?

The Sons of Liberty Gun Works A5 Buffer Kit is the ultimate upgrade for your AR-15, offering a perfect combination of quality, reliability, and performance. Don't settle for less; invest in the best with this comprehensive buffer system kit. Order now and experience the difference!

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