Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol Barrel 300 AAC Blackout - No Brace

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  • Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol Barrel 300 AAC Blackout - No Brace
  • Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol Barrel 300 AAC Blackout - No Brace
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Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol: Compact Powerhouse in 300 Blackout

Introducing the Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol - a sleek, compact, and powerful bolt-action pistol chambered in 300 Blackout. This innovative firearm is the mini-action version of the popular Fix rifle, featuring a smaller receiver and bolt assembly, while maintaining compatibility with AR magazines. Experience the perfect blend of performance and portability with the Q - Mini Fix.


  • Bolt-Action Pistol: Reliable and precise, the Q - Mini Fix is a bolt-action pistol, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • 300 Blackout: Chambered in the versatile and powerful 300 Blackout caliber, the Mini Fix provides impressive performance in a compact package.
  • 8" Threaded Barrel: The 8" threaded barrel allows for easy attachment of a suppressor or other muzzle device (not included).
  • Clear Anodized Finish & Black Accents: The pistol sports a clear anodized finish with black accents, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.
  • 10 Rounds & 1 Magazine: Comes with a 10-round capacity and includes one AR-compatible magazine.
  • 45-Degree Bolt Handle: The ergonomic 45-degree bolt handle allows for smooth and easy operation.
  • One-Piece Receiver: The one-piece receiver design ensures durability and precision.
  • Tapered Muzzle: The tapered muzzle offers increased accuracy and stability.
  • AR Magazine Compatible: The Q - Mini Fix accepts M4 and AR-style magazines, providing flexibility and convenience.

Please note: Product finishes, shade variations, and other imperfections are normal due to the manufacturing process. Optic and suppressor are not included.

Why Choose the Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol?

The Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol offers the perfect combination of power, precision, and portability for shooters who demand top performance from their firearms. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a firearms enthusiast, the Q - Mini Fix is designed to impress. Don't miss your chance to own this cutting-edge firearm – order your Q - Mini Fix 8" Pistol today!

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