One Hundred Concepts - HelmetScrim - Multicam

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  • One Hundred Concepts - HelmetScrim - Multicam
  • One Hundred Concepts - HelmetScrim - Multicam
  • One Hundred Concepts - HelmetScrim - Multicam
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HelmetScrim - Multicam

HelmetScrim attaches to your high-cut helmet, breaking up its silhouette and improving its camouflage in both the visible and IR spectrums. It attaches via a simple shock cord, stretching over your helmet, and has a rectangular cut out for your NVG mount. It is made in the US using licensed camouflage patterns and durable, NIR compliant materials.

The HelmetScrim was designed around the very popular Team Wendy helmets and easily installs without any finessing. For other helmet brands, it works best when it paired with a helmet cover where it can be secured by its Velcro attachment tabs at the border of the helmet cover.  HelmetScrim is lightweight and durable, and quickly stows away in your pack or pocket when not in use. 

This is certainly not a new concept, but we've made some simple but meaningful improvements to it. The front of the scrim has a rectangular cutout to clear the NVG shroud, allowing you to install mounts unhindered. Like our PackScrim, instead of weaving through the netting, we've added specific holes around the border for the included shock cord to be woven through. This system provides a more substantial mounting interface and simplifies the process of installing shock cord. Additionally, the elliptical netting pattern maximizes the area between cuts, providing more uniform strength across the netting.

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