Luth-AR - Bolt Component Kit w/ Firing Pin

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The Bolt Component Kit you've described is a specialized set of replacement parts specifically designed for the bolt of .223/5.56 AR rifles. This kit includes essential components that are crucial for the proper functioning of the bolt assembly. Here's a breakdown of the components included:

  1. BT-06 Ejector: This component aids in the ejection of spent cartridges from the firearm after firing.
  2. LR-26 Ejector Spring: The spring that provides the necessary force for the proper functioning of the ejector.
  3. BT-04 Ejector Pin: Secures the ejector in place, preventing it from moving or falling out during operation.
  4. BT-07 Extractor: Responsible for gripping the spent cartridge and extracting it from the chamber.
  5. BT-08 Extractor Spring: A spring that assists in the reliable extraction of cartridges by the extractor.
  6. BT-03 Extractor Pin: Secures the extractor in place, preventing it from moving excessively.
  7. BT-08-OR Extractor O-ring: This O-ring likely serves as a seal for the extractor, helping to maintain a proper seal and preventing gas leakage.
  8. BT-01-3P 3 Pack Gas Rings: These gas rings help ensure a proper seal and alignment of the bolt within the bolt carrier, contributing to the gas system's functionality.
  9. BT-14 Firing Pin: The firing pin is a crucial component that strikes the primer of the cartridge, initiating the firing sequence.
  10. BT-16 Firing Pin Retainer: Secures the firing pin in place, preventing it from moving excessively during operation.

By providing these specific components in a kit, users can conveniently replace key parts of the bolt assembly, addressing potential wear and tear or malfunctions that may occur over time. This Bolt Component Kit is a valuable resource for AR owners who want to ensure the reliability and longevity of their rifles, especially in the context of the .223/5.56 caliber.

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