Diligent Defense Co. - Enticer L Silencer - Graphite Black

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Diligent Defense Co. Enticer L in Graphite Black: Ultimate Sound Suppression & Versatility

Introducing the Diligent Defense Co. Enticer L in Graphite Black, a state-of-the-art suppressor designed for precision shooters and hunters alike. With its innovative baffle design, removable end cap, and sleek graphite black finish, the Enticer L is the ultimate choice for those seeking versatility, sound reduction, and style in their suppressor.

Unmatched Sound Suppression Performance

According to Pew Science test results, the Enticer L and LTi series cans are currently the quietest suppressors at ear for .308 caliber. They boast an overall composite suppression rating of 51.9, significantly higher than the S and STi series at 42.5.

Compatibility with a Wide Variety of Mounts

The Enticer L cans come threaded with 1-3/8"x24, allowing you to run a wide range of mounts including:

  • Direct thread adapters
  • Q Plan B/Cherry Bomb
  • Keymo
  • Rearden Atlas

Removable End Cap for Multiple Calibers

Featuring a removable end cap, the Enticer L in Graphite Black is compatible with Dead Air end caps and can address multiple calibers, making it a versatile choice for any shooter.

Lightweight & Durable Material with Graphite Black Finish

The Enticer L in Graphite Black is constructed from 100% CNC machined 17-4 Stainless laser welded and heat-treated material, ensuring durability and accuracy. Its lightweight design (17.1oz with the included mount) and sleek graphite black finish make it perfect for hunting enthusiasts and those looking for a stylish suppressor.


  • Caliber: 7.62 NATO/ 300BK / 300WM or any caliber smaller
  • Diameter: 1-5/8 (1.625”)
  • Weight: 17.1oz with included mount
  • Overall Length: 8-1/4"
  • Material: 100% CNC machined 17-4 Stainless laser welded & heat treated
  • Finish: Graphite Black
  • Common minimum barrel lengths: 556 - 10.5", 308 - 14.5", 300BLK supers - 7", 300BLK subs - 5", 300WM - 20", 300RUM - 24"
  • Firing Schedule: Not Full Auto rated, can handle 120 rounds 556 rapid fire / full auto before needing a cool down period

What's Included

With your purchase of the Diligent Defense Co. Enticer L in Graphite Black, you will receive:

  • A kick-ass suppressor in Graphite Black
  • A DDC sticker
  • A 5/8"x24 titanium direct thread adapter
  • A no BS lifetime warranty when following barrel length and firing schedules

Experience the superior sound suppression, unmatched versatility, and stylish graphite black finish of the Diligent Defense Co. Enticer L in Graphite Black today!

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