CAT - WB Ti - 5.56MM Suppressor - 1x16LH QD

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CAT WB TI 1/16
CAT WB TI 1/16
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C.A.T White Bread (WB) Titanium 5.56mm suppressors are limited to barrel lengths of 10" or longer, which also includes similar cartridges such as 5.45mm. Full Auto or High Rates of Fire (HRF) (greater than 30 rounds per minute) are expressly discouraged, unless in life threatening self-defense situations.

Model: CAT/WB/A1
Caliber: 5.56 mm
Weight Titanium: 7.8 oz *
Overall Length: 5.80”
Diameter: 1.60”
Finish: DLC
Mounting: Spooky 1 (Included)

Excessive white sparking may be noticed upon first use, this is due to microscopic Titanium dust from the Additive Manufacturing process. Over the course of use this white sparking will subside but will never fully disappear.

* Due to the LPBF/DMLS manufacturing process weights will vary from nominal.

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