Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Custom Fits Wolverine 7.5" - BLK

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Burn Proof Gear - Suppressor Cover Custom - Wolverine 7.5"- FDE

Suppressor Cover – FDE – Kevlar fabric is heat rated to 1000 F sustained and 1500 F and max temp. (DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND 90 ROUNDS FULL-AUTO BEFORE ALLOWING TO FULLY COOL OFF)

*Note* Be weary of any company claiming a higher rating than above as this is data gathered directly from the developer of Kevlar and Nomex fabrics, DuPont…

Safety recommendation: If the suppressor is too hot to touch with the cover on, you should allow it to cool off before handling or resuming your firing schedule. We have found this to be at roughly 90 rounds fired. Keep in mind, the suppressor and cover will take some time to reach its thermal peak after being fired full-auto or mag dumping. Typically, the suppressor will rise 7 F for every shot fired of 5.56.

Custom Order Disclaimer: These are custom covers and are sold as is. There shall be no refunds or exchanges after your order is submitted. If you damage them due to excessive heat (discoloration included), improper installation due to user error, or incorrect sizing; we will not replace or warranty them.

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