Armageddon Gear - Pint-Sized Game Changer® Shooting Bag - Tan Waxed Canvas

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Pint-Sized Game Changer® Shooting Bag

Is bigger always better? Not necessarily. Our extensive research and development have revealed a groundbreaking insight: when it comes to stability, more mass, especially when combined with a flexible material like our exclusive waxed canvas, can be the key. Introducing the latest addition to your precision toolkit – a tool that defies the norm, offering game-changing results with less bulk.

This isn't merely a scaled-down version of Reasor Precision's iconic shooting bag; it's a meticulous balance of size and weight, featuring innovative fill technology that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure superior performance. Specifically designed for rifles with a balance point between the magazine well and bipod, it serves as the patent-pending "Grasping Front Support" utility. Alternatively, position it at the buttstock for a versatile rear bag, providing a vertical adjustment ranging from 1 inch to over 6 inches to meet the demands of any situation.

  1. Dimensions: 7”L x 4.5”w x 5”T
  2. Weight: (Sand Fill) 5 lbs.
  3. Weight: (Standard Bead Fill) 3 lbs.
  4. Weight: (Git-Lite Fill) 1.2 lbs.
  5. Durable Waxed Canvas
  6. Fully sewn with single nylon handle
  7. Proudly made in the USA
  8. US Patent No. 10,048,034 and 10,466,007
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