SOLGW - Trunk Monkey M4 Patrol Pistol 5.56 Nato - 10.5"

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  •  SOLGW - Trunk Monkey M4 Patrol Pistol 5.56 Nato - 10.5"
  •  SOLGW - Trunk Monkey M4 Patrol Pistol 5.56 Nato - 10.5"
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Trunk Monkey M4 Patrol Pistol

The SOLGW Trunk Monkey is an adaptation of the popular M4-PATROL rifle offers by Sons of Liberty Gunworks. The Pistol has an 10.5" Barrel, Magpul SL Handguard, B5 grip and A2 Birdcage flash hider. Now produced with Son's new V2 barrel profile, the user gains the benefit of better weight distribution, barrel harmonics and heat dissipation.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works is committed to delivering top-tier firearms that adhere to the highest standards, emphasizing the importance of quality Mil-Spec or superior components. They advocate for constructing firearms correctly from the outset, ensuring they are ready for rigorous use immediately upon unboxing. SOLGW places significant emphasis on the core elements of a Combat Grade weapon, notably a high-quality Bolt Carrier Group and barrels renowned for their accuracy and durability.

The philosophy at SOLGW extends to meticulous tuning of firearms, ensuring optimal performance through the appropriate selection of gas system lengths and premium buffer system components, including Sprinco Tactical Buffer Springs. Their confidence in the reliability and quality of their products is solidified by a Lifetime Warranty, underscoring their belief that their weapons are built to withstand the most challenging conditions without faltering.

A key component of their lineup is the SOLGW Forged Lower Receiver – Angry Patriot, crafted from Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum Cerra Forge forgings. This lower receiver is finished with a Mil-Spec MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodic Coating, providing a flat black dye finish that is non-reflective and includes a NiAc Seal. The meticulous machining process eliminates any imperfections left from forging, resulting in a sleek, flawless contour. Additionally, the lower features a cut for an M16 auto pocket and is marked with Safe, Fire, and Full Auto Pictograms, alongside the distinctive Angry Patriot Roll Mark, making it a standout choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality and performance.

This does not include a brace.

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