SilencerCo - Osprey 9mm 2.0 - Black

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  • SilencerCo - Osprey 2.0, 9mm, (SU5184)
  • SilencerCo - Osprey 2.0, 9mm, (SU5184)
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SilencerCo - Osprey 2.0 - 9mm

The Osprey’s unique shape makes it the only multi-caliber polygonal pistol silencer on the market. The monocore baffle design in a polygonal package allows for greater internal volume and therefore better sound performance. The Osprey utilizes a push button locking system for quick indexing. This system allows the majority of the suppressor to sit below the shooter’s line of sight, therby not impeding standard pistol sights.

The Osprey 2.0 was designed to be used “wet” or “ dry.” Shooting “wet” temporarily improves sound suppression by inserting a small amount of ablative media. This can be done by inserting about 5cc’s (or a typical water bottle cap full) of clean water or clear wire pulling gel into the back of the silencer.

*Lead projectiles are not recommended out of any of our sealed suppressors.


  • Eccentric offset design allows use of most factory pistol sights.
  • Easy indexing button feature ensures correct and repeatable orientation on any host.
  • Industry-leading sound reduction.
  • Pistons are available for common thread pitches and are interchangeable with the Omega 36M, Hybrid 46, Octane Series, and Omega K Series. 
  • Can be shot “wet” by using 5cc of water or wire pulling gel.
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