Rearden Icarus Blast Diffuser Nitride

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  • Rearden Icarus Blast Diffuser Nitride
  • Rearden Icarus Blast Diffuser Nitride
  • Rearden Icarus Blast Diffuser Nitride
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The Icarus is a blast diffuser designed to work with all Rearden muzzle devices. This blast diffuser will assist in sending blast and concussion down range, as well as serve as a thread protector for your muzzle devices when shooting unsuppressed. This is not a flash hider, and has no flash hiding capabilities.

Weight and Length

Weight: 4.5 oz
Length: 3.3″
For use with projectiles .355 (9mm) and less in diameter


These blast diffusers fit over plan B style muzzle devices.  Always use an alignment rod to ensure that the entire system is set up correctly. Make sure all surfaces are cleaned and the muzzle device has been torqued and Rockset to the barrel.

Torque the muzzle device to approximately 30 ft lbs. Make sure the muzzle device is square against the shoulder. When setting the blast diffuser on the muzzle device, ensure that the threads and tapers are clean. Do not exceeed 10 ft lbs of torque on the Icarus. Ensure alignment. Enjoy.

*End cap is removeable, but will come Rockset out of the box.

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