KGM - R6 5.56/6mm Silencer - Black

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Introducing the KGM R6 Suppressor - the perfect accessory for your 6mm (or 5.56) rifle! Designed with the latest technology to reduce sound and improve accuracy, the KGM R6 Suppressor is the ideal choice for any shooter who wants to enhance their weapon system's capabilities.

KGM R6 Suppressor features caliber-specific design. With a tailored fit that minimizes sound leakage, this suppressor can provide maximum sound reduction while maintaining a smaller, quieter size. Made for the 6mm caliber, the KGM R6 Suppressor is perfect for any shooter who wants to minimize their noise signature.

The KGM R6 Suppressor is engineered to improve the accuracy of your host weapon system. Its patented gas flow pathing enhances stability, reducing point of impact shift, and improving precision. It also utilizes a stoichiometric design to contain flash, providing little to no flash when firing the weapon. This suppressor is perfect for those who want to stay unnoticed while still maintaining accuracy.

Another unique feature of the KGM R6 Suppressor is its Adjustable Port End Cap (APECTM). This feature sheers the energy of high-pressure gases, reducing recoil and allowing the shooter to stay on target. Users can adjust the APEC to tailor the recoil reduction to their needs, giving them complete control over their shooting experience.

In addition to reducing sound and recoil, the KGM R6 Suppressor also has a low system backpressure. This allows weapon systems to run better, smoother, and for longer. It also utilizes Integrated Gas Flow (IGFTM) designs to eliminate over-gassing and decrease toxic gasses to the shooter, making it a safe and reliable accessory for any shooter.

Made from Grade 5 Titanium Baffle Stack and Grade 9 Titanium Tube, the KGM R6 Suppressor is both durable and lightweight. With a weight of only 7.9 ounces (with direct thread) and a 5.8" OAL (with direct thread), this suppressor is easy to use and transport.

The KGM R6 Suppressor is compatible with .223 Rem - 6mm Creedmoor, and optimized for 6mm Norma BR - 6mm Creedmoor. Its reduced and modified downrange signature significantly enhances combat effectiveness, making it the perfect accessory for any shooter who wants to stay unnoticed while maintaining accuracy.


  • 7.9 Ounces (with direct thread)
  • 5.8″ OAL (with direct thread)
  • 1.5″ Diameter


  • .223 Rem – 6mm Creedmoor


  • 6mm Norma BR – 6mm Creedmoor


  • Grade 5 Titanium Baffle Stack
  • Grade 9 Titanium Tube
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