Cheely Custom Gunworks - Widebody Trigger, Extra Short Flat, Skeletonized, Black

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Cheely Custom Gunworks - Extra Short Flat Trigger, Black

Extra Short Flat Trigger for widebody 1911/2011 style pistols.

Trigger width is STI sized (.240"). Cut height to match your grip.

Aluminum anodized trigger shoe with a stainless steel bow.

An extra short flat trigger is the same length as a short curve trigger at its shortest point.

The difference in the length of different triggers is .100", ie a medium flat is .100" longer than a short flat.

Trigger Fitment:

The triggers CCG makes are sized for a .240" width trigger track and are an easy fit to any STI or Stacatto factory pistol. All triggers may require minor fitting into your grips and any other grip, including but not limited to trigger shoe height & width, trigger bow dimensions, pre-travel & over travel. It's recommended using blue Locktite 243 for the over travel screw. All trigger & safety functions must be checked by a qualified gunsmith.

Trigger shoe sizes are based on a standard long curve trigger. The short flat trigger is the same length as a long curve trigger is in the middle. The rest of the trigger sizes are .100" different. It is always better to be slightly short on the trigger length, vs it being too long and you having more of a tendency to push the pistol to the side with your trigger finger.

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